Long Time Dead Trailer

Long Time Dead

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Directed by Marcus Adams, Written by Marcus Adams, James Gay-Rees, Daniel Bronzite (story) and Eitan Arrusi, Chris Baker, Andy Day (screenplay). Produced by James Gay-Rees. (2002)

A group of British college students who are close friends embark on a night of intense partying including alcohol and drugs, and while under the influence, intent on a bit of fun, try to establish a link with the spirit world using a homemade Ouija board. However, fun is the last thing on their minds when the Ouija board spells out the words “All Die”, and they give up on the board before closing the link to the spirit world and, unknown to them, unleash something evil into their world, and it isn’t long before one of them is murdered by an unseen force. Soon they all find themselves terrified for their lives, as the spirit they have let out begins to kill them off, one by one.