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PALIO is set to premiere on Saturday 18th April at Tribeca Film Festival

The world’s oldest horse race — and the strategy, intrigue and secret deals made to secure a win — are the focus of the Anglo-Italian documentary Palio, which is making its world premiere at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival.

Taking place twice a year in Siena, with each race never lasting more than 90 seconds, the Palio features horses from each of the city’s 17 competing districts. The jockeys, who are loved or hated by the districts they represent based on the outcome of the race, make secret, lucrative deals ahead of the event. Specifically, the film follows veteran rider Gigi Bruschelli, who has won 13 races in 16 years and mastered the system. He’s two races away from beating the world record, but his former apprentice, jockey Giovanni Atzeni, is preparing to challenge him.

Director Cosima Spender was given rare, behind-the-scenes access to the race and everything that leads up to it.

The film was co-produced by James Gay-Rees, who also worked on the upcoming Amy Winehouse documentary, Amy, and the Oscar-nominated Exit Through the Gift Shop.

Palio is set to premiere on Saturday, April 18, with additional screenings throughout the festival. More information about those, including how you can buy tickets, is available here.

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